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Hit Your Daily Cuteness Quotient Early With Sam Means’ New Video, Directed By His Six Year Old Daughter

Sam MeansDon’t we all wish that we could go back to that boundless imagination and creative energy we had as a child? Thankfully, Arizona singer/songwriter Sam Means knew, when he set out to kill a few hours with his six-year-old daughter, Lola Birdie, that he had a brilliant director living under his roof. The result of that playful afternoon was the video for “Other Side Of You,” a track from his latest Hello Records release, 10 Songs.

The song is an insanely catchy indie-pop tune, polished yet lo-fi, a perfect complement to the homemade video. But in case you thought six-year-old girls are all about ponies and rainbows, think again. This video is seriously dark, with a plot so suspenseful, it would make Alfred Hitchcock blush.

Cheers to you, Lola, see you at the Oscars in a few decades. Just make sure to bring dad!

Buy Sam’s latest album and peruse his far out pin collection via Hello Records here.

– Emily Gawlak


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