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Exclusive: Jam Out With Singer-Songwriter Sheldon Clark To His New Track “Americana City Band”

Photo by Mikaela Hamilton
Photo by Mikaela Hamilton

Last year, Nashville singer-songwriter Sheldon Clark released a 6-track record, Word & Sound, as an homage to influential Americana musicians like Ryan Adams and Wilco, doing them justice and more with instrumental folk elements and replay-worthy hooks. Though the record came out last summer, fans have been impatiently waiting for more music, or at least more anything from Clark.

He delivers with a playful music video for “Americana City Band”, a rolling and raving Americana rock song, featuring him and his band strumming plastic and blow-up instruments in different environments like in an alleyway and local neighborhood. With lines like “The singer starts drinking during the tunes/The drummer runs off with another groupie/Band breaks down and the audience boos/The boys are callin’ it quits”, Clark offers a satirical peek into the success of big bands we love so much by lightheartedly poking fun at themselves as well. Despite the irony (and honesty), their success is warranted thanks to “Americana City Band”‘s old-fashioned rock instrumentals, gritty vocals, honest lyrics, and harmonies that are begging to be replicated at a backyard BBQ with all your friends.

Watch the video for “Americana City Band” below and connect with Sheldon Clark here:

~Savannah Davanzo

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