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Exclusive: Left Coast Country Premieres Old-School Country Track “Ain’t Found A Home”


Left Coast Country is modern string band hailing from Portland, Oregon. Today, they’re debuting their new tune, “Ain’t Found A Home,” a single from their upcoming album, Pines Fly By, a follow up to previous releases Dark Down and Blue. The band evokes a truly old-school bluegrass feel, but makes it uniquely their own, a talent that led them to take home the first place prize at the 13th Annual Northwest String Summit Band Competition in 2014.

Their new track, “Ain’t Found A Home,” is country all the way through. It is about the life of a wanderer, who doesn’t have any plans to settle down. In particular, it shines a light on the life of a working and touring musician – moving from city to city, and becoming accustomed to a nomadic lifestyle. Drew Trucker says of the track, “I wrote “Ain’t Found A Home” at the start of one of our tours. I wasn’t sure where my heart was at. I have always lived in the Portland area and grew up in a family that couldn’t afford to travel very much. Touring provided a way for me to experience more of the country. “Ain’t Found A Home” is a look at my past and thoughts toward the future and of settling down vs. a life on the road, and finding peace either way.” High energy guitars and a soaring violin part collide in harmony from beginning till end. Left Coast Country’s new track is a breath of fresh air from the over-commercialized Americana that dominates the charts, though who knows, we may see them there soon enough.

Listen to “Ain’t Found A Home” below.

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