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Exclusive: Listen to “Starting Now”- Title Track Off Idalee’s Upcoming EP


Singer Topher Hall knows all too well the importance of a second chance. Reimagined now under the name Idalee, Hall is starting over.

Ida Lee is a park where Hall and his friends spend time causing trouble during his middle and high school days. It’s also where he decided to pack up, move to California and shoot for the stars. It’s fitting that he’s known now as Idalee, in honor of the place where he was inspired to make his dreams come true. After a serious car accident and a battle with addiction, a tale of redemption evolved for Hall, who isn’t about to give up on those dreams.

Hall pled out of his proposed jail time and was faced with a DUI conviction, fines and parole officer. With demons no longer holding him back, he found a job at a prison nonprofit that advocates for restorative justice on Capital Hill and also in prisons. Prison Fellowship is currently celebrating a 40th anniversary. It’s the nation’s largest outreach to prisoners, former prisoners, and their families, and founded on the belief that all people have inherent value. The nonprofit is committed to helping restore all those affected by crime and incarceration. Last year, Prison Fellowship helped Hall, as Idalee, film an inspirational music video/documentary for his song, “Heal,” which features incarcerated musicians in a Houston area prison. The video will be released later this month. Keep an eye on all things Idalee by visiting

Hall’s musical influences include Nirvana, Elvis Costello, Weezer, Imagine Dragons, Cage The Elephant, Ben Folds and Beck. Starting Now was produced by Ethan Kauffman (Ryan Cabrera) and mixed by Will Brierre (The Killers, Imagine Dragons). Pre-orders for Starting Now will begin on February 19th via iTunes. Official release is March 4th.

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