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Exclusive: Rabbit Wilde Premieres An Attitude Filled Track “Radiator”

Photo by Lindsey Bowen
Photo by Lindsey Bowen

Rabbit Wilde, previously known as Wild Rabbit, is premiering their new track “Radiator,” off their upcoming full length album The Heartland. They previously released an EP in 2015 entitled Southern Winters, and with their new album they continued to produce indie, folk, pop and blues inspired tracks. Bothers Zach and Nathan Hamer have been playing music together their entire lives, and after meeting Miranda Zickler at, of all places, a New York diner, they decided to write, play and tour together as a trio. They later added cellist Jillian Walker to the group, and formed a contemporary Americana group. Their debut album The Wild North was released in 2013 followed by multiple festival appearances and headlining tours. Now they are back with The Heartland.

“Radiator” starts off with heavy plucking, which is to expected from a string band. But Miranda Zickler’s vocals go beyond the expected, and truly stand out on this track, filled with sass and confidence. Meanwhile the men complement her well with drawn out vocal. The sparseness of the lyrics causes the listener to focus on the instrumentals, which are vibrant and a bit hectic, mirroring the song’s main theme of a love that can’t be tamed. Zickler sings, “Lovers they come and go/a train whistle just won’t blow/a radiator fell through the floor,” then ends the chorus with, “Lets ride this love till we hit the coast.” It’s a fun track, with a good vibe and a youthfulness that permeates from start to finish.

Listen to “Radiator” below.

-Claudia Arnoldo

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