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From My Heart to Yours

Artist:     Marlena

Album:     From My Heart to Yours

Label:     Mischief Productions

Release Date:     06/20/2015


When anyone decides to break into the music scene they need two key tools– a strong desire and a hell of a voice. This could certainly be said for singer/songwriter Marlena, who hails from the gritty streets of New York City. Being raised by religious parents didn’t hurt either, ironic as that may sound. Her father, Rev. Howard H. Becker, brought Marlena into his church, where she joined the musical efforts and took her first steps into singing. Her father may not have known at the time, but he had set a spark in his daughter that still shines bright.

Marlena took that spark and fanned the musical flames in more than one way. She would soon join various bands jamming to everything from rock, soul and jazz. Hailing from Queens, she was surrounded by all types of music. Her favorites were such legends like Donna Summers, gospel singer Mahalia Jackson and Etta James. One of her most memorable performances was at Studio 54, which her proud parents attended.

When Marlena married and had a son, she moved her family to Covina, CA, and put the musical side of her life on hold to focus on raising her son. Once he was old enough, however, she returned to music, finding that the music “bug” kept tugging at her heart. After a painful divorce, Marlena had to rebuild her life, but again found her way back to music thanks to the love and support of Tom Phillips, a talented producer, promoter, sound-engineer and photographer who became her perfect collaborator. Together, this powerhouse team is making inroads into the music scene, putting Marlena back on the musical trail.

Marlena began performing once again, and in June was able to release a debut album from Mischief Productions, My Heart To Yours. All the while, she never forgot her musical roots, dedicating the track “Stormy” to her father.

The album oozes with emotion, and a desire to offer a deeper message. Tracks like “I Put A Spell On You,” with its smooth intro to its bluesy guitar riffs, are a testament to Marlena’s diverse style. Towards the end of the track list, we come to the “Dream A Little Dream Of Me.” with its sexy vibe that transports you to a ’30s nightclub.

Marlena will soon hit the road in support of the album. To keep up with her, check out her website here.

– Nick Christophers

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