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The O’s


Artist:     The O's

Album:     Honeycomb

Label:     Punch Five Records

Release Date:     02/05/2016


What if Bob Dylan gave the Coen Brothers a call and asked to collaborate on the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack? It might sound a little something like Honeycomb, a beautiful album by the O’s that channels ‘60s and ‘70s songwriters in lyrics, and pop meets roots-inspired melodies. The songs are created by the duo behind the The O’s, Taylor Young and John Pedigo. They could bring in a whole crowd to sing backing vocals and the songs would sound just as good, but it’s not at all necessary here. This duo can hold powering vocals and seamless melodies all on their own.

When the prospective recording studio fell through (it was flooded), the band contacted a venue they recently performed at – River Road Icehouse in New Braunfels, TX. The venue had cabins on the property where the performers could crash, but John thought- what if we book one of those cabins and bring the gear in there?

Touring with Old 97’s, Polyphonic Spree, and Little Big Town has given Taylor and Pedigo an eclectic mix of influences to draw from, and Honeycomb blends those experiences to create sweet songs for an occasion. Back to back songs “Reaper” and “Shooting Star” are good places to start, if you like to bounce around. But this album is definitely meant to be listened to all the way through, and then back again.

– Brenda Hillegas

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