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Zach Madden

Daybreak Songs

Artist:     Zach Madden

Album:     Daybreak Songs

Label:     It Works Music

Release Date:     06/25/2015


Zach Madden’s Daybreak Songs is an album filled with intimate tracks and simple melodies. There’s an abundance of quietly strummed acoustic guitar, hints of violin and backing female vocals that at first feel somewhat generic in the singer-songwriter vein. However, that feeling soon melts away when you listen closely to the lyrics, which are tremendously powerful and clearly heartfelt. Madden’s album starts off with the title track, “Daybreak Song,” a romantic tale of love that evokes a natural beauty such as the sun rising above the sea. It is followed by the yearning “Proof,” where Madden sings about how we grow for the ones we love, and make changes when the person we’re chasing is few steps ahead. “You Me and Her” is a song about family, and the importance of becoming one, which rings in the lyrics, “Each word has a different worth until they start to blur.” As the album continues, Madden explores the melancholy of being separated from the person you love in “Sun of a Day.”

Whoever Madden wrote this album for is very lucky. Love permeates every track.

-Claudia Arnoldo

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