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Exclusive: Dulcie Taylor’s “When the Cherokee Roamed” is a Visually Beautiful Video with a Powerful Message

Photo by Trevor Lawrence
Photo by Trevor Lawrence


Dulcie Taylor’s previous premiere, “Not Here Not Today”, was inspired by the people who came to America because they wanted new ways of living while holding onto their beliefs. Taylor realized this country was founded by people who wanted freedom and “Not Here Not Today” was her way of expressing these realizations to fans.

Now, Taylor shares the video for “When the Cherokee Roamed”, another inspiring song off her September 2015 release, Wind Over Stone. The video is visually beautiful and so is the song. It has a very strong message about protecting our environment:

“America is still a beautiful country, but some parts are changed forever. I’ve often thought about how beautiful it must have been before the waves of immigration. Deer on Manhattan Island, running free? And when I look at the portraits of our Native American Indians, I’ve always been so impressed by their faces – the determination, the strength. Two qualities that all people need. I love the conveniences of modern life as much as anybody, but I  do know a lot of beauty has been lost arriving at this place. Everything has a price, doesn’t it?”

Wind Over Stone features songs inspired by American heroes, real world topics, love and romance in various forms. Watch the video for “When the Cherokee Roamed” below.


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