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Exclusive: Canyon Spells Debut A Hypnotic Track From Their Upcoming Release

Canyon Spells by Juan Solorzano
Canyon Spells by Juan Solorzano


The making of the latest album from Canyon Spells was deeply impacted by a close-call the band members experienced driving from San Francisco to L.A. on a freeway during their West Coast tour in April 2015; an SUV unhitched from a car carrier, and smashed into the car next to them. The event, though traumatizing, had a silver lining– it instilled in them a sudden and intense inspiration to be brave in their artistic lives.

Canyon Spells frontman, Jimmie Linville, and his bandmates Daniel Pingrey and Michaela Thomas, believe that the accident gave them a push to act on these intense feelings. “The accident gave us permission, in a way,” Linville said. “It reminded us that we might not ever get another chance.” Within days of the almost accident, Canyon Spells started working on what was to become their latest record, Now That We’re Gone. For two weeks in a Chicago Studio, they recorded and created a very different sound than they ever have before.

Thematically, the album focuses on our need to wake up and stop taking the world around us for granted. “A lot of the album is poking at the culture of our generation and this constant barrage of social media that most people seem to have just accepted,” Linville explained. “It affects everything: love, relationships, hopes, dreams… and the music explores that, but with a chip on its shoulder.”

Today, Elmore is premiering “Good Reason,” a single from the upcoming release. The track’s lonesome lyrics and gentle interplay between male and female vocals belie a melody that locks you into a trance of hope. The band’s album cover- of an astronaut gazing upwards with galaxies reflected on his helmet- aligns with their music, rife with gauzy melodies that feel timeless and hypnotic, capable of sending you into a different universe.

Now That We’re Gone is set to release on March 4, and you can listen to “Good Reason” below.

– Emilee Gorshe

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