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Exclusive: Jerad Finck Strips Down His Hit Single, “Criminal”

Jerad Finck

Sing and ye shall receive? So the story goes for Jerad Finck, who penned a song in 2011 about relentlessly chasing your dreams, “Runaway,” and suddenly found himself on the fast track to stardom. The song took off, and before he knew it, the Spokane, WA born, jazz trained musician was booked on tours with Daughtry, Christina Perri and Sister Hazel, and collaborating with top producers, including David Hodges (Kelly Clarkson, Daughtry, Christina Perri), Steven Miller (Pink, Dave Matthews Band, Switchfoot), Andrew Williams (Five for Fighting, Jessica Simpson) and Nathan Meckel (Sara Haze, Autumn Hill).

Today, Finck is exclusively premiering an acoustic version of his single, “Criminal,” the title track for his most recent EP, which he released late last year. Finck’s voice is effortlessly smooth, drawing you in from the first note, and building steadily to the soaring chorus. On the track, he explores the feelings of confusion that overpower us in the wake of a break-up; “I keep chasing down all of these clues… of the love you stole, like a criminal. I keep digging deeper for some trace, keep thinking if you’d stayed, we could have had it all.”

Stripped down to an acoustic form, Finck’s vocals shine through in heartfelt sincerity. A gentle overlay of piano adds a forlorn quality to the track, but the drums counter the angst, driving a pop beat at the core of the track, suggesting the hope of a heartbreak-free future.

Finck’s latest EP, Criminal, is out now, and can be purchased on iTunes. Give “Criminal” a listen below.


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