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Exclusive: Watch Nashville Artist Jameson Elder’s Powerful Music Video For “Your Time Is Coming Soon”

Jameson Elder grew up on music, playing guitar, piano, and dabbling with Tom Petty’s Greatest Hits, so it’s no surprise that the Atlanta-born, Nashville-based artist is now hammering out indie-folk records in one of the world’s best musical cities. On his debut record, Prodigals & Thieves, released last month, Elder encourages listeners to recognize his growth as an artist with mature vocals, poignant songwriting, and rounded rhythms. Though it’s only his first full-length album, his songs already show promise.

One track off the record, “Your Time Is Coming Soon”, is an eerie ode to the inevitable. A heavy subject focusing on the end of life, including its process, Elder handles the track like a pro, coating the distress and discomfort of the lyrics with strong, steady vocals and huge instrumentation. The music video mimics the intensity of the song, featuring spooky black-and-white nature footage and images of Elder confronting the Grim Reaper, played by Elder as well. To juxtapose the dark, brooding aspect of the video, a young woman in a flowing dress acts as the angel offering comfort, but by the end of the music video, it is unclear if he manages to evade an untimely, unwarranted end. The video covers a few different cinematic themes–a personalized roleplay, scenes of Elder performing the track, and eerie B-roll that gets your heart racing. All the while the video is telling a story that his lyrics tell first, Jameson Elder’s vocals are at times robust and at times soft, while the guitar line fills the space and his songwriting offers bittersweet insight on a universal subject.

Watch the video for “Your Time Is Coming Soon” below and connect with Jameson Elder on Facebook:

–Savannah Davanzo

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