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Brett Harris

Up In The Air

Artist:     Brett Harris

Album:     Up In The Air

Label:     Hit the Deck Recordings

Release Date:     03/04/2016


“Up in the air” was a phrase that struck true for Brett Harris. At a time when his peers were moving into their 30s with careers or more conventional ways of life, Harris himself wasn’t completely sure where his own life was heading. And so, Up In The Air became the title of his second LP, which features ten tracks that address Harris’ life dilemmas.

Harris calls his time as a member of the Big Star tribute tours as well as a touring member of the dBs a “grad school for rock ‘n’ roll music.” His experience helped him steer his own musical course and create a signature sound that’s soft and upbeat with ‘60s style pop that pairs nicely with his smooth North Carolina bred voice.

Upbeat melodies are the base of these ten original songs from Harris that were inspired by the honesty in his life and experiences. “Lies,” “Summer Night” and the title track are the best songs to show off why Harris wanted to make this album. He didn’t intend to create a collection of autobiographical songs, but he did want them to hold up to anyone and be relatable to whoever listens.

He succeeded. With pop, gospel, soul and country all intertwined in these sweet songs, this is one of those rare “something for everyone” albums.

-Brenda Hillegas

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