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Brothers Brown

Dusty Road

Artist:     Brothers Brown

Album:     Dusty Road

Label:     Funky Joint Records

Release Date:     03/25/2016


The blues comes in many hues, but it’s never more incisive that when it’s served straight up — unblemished and uncomplicated. The Brothers Brown know this, and though the two front men share the same name — Paul Brown, to be precise — they’re not related, by blood anyway. Nevertheless, the two share certain attributes in common. One hails from Los Angeles and claims a double Grammy winning pedigree as a producer, guitarist and singer/songwriter. The other is a Grammy nominated producer, keyboard player and songwriter who resides in Nashville. That alone qualifies them for compatibility, but with the addition of bassist David Santos and drummer Pete Young they find a common musical core that bows to the basics and makes for a fine debut. From the boogie and shuffle of songs such as “Cup of Tea,” “This Old Heart” and “Hurricane” to the slow moan of “Sweet Cadillac” and the backwoods balladry of “The River,” the quartet show an authority and expertise that immediately propels them to the highest peak of proficiency. The fact that they refrain from pushing any parameters may prevent them from reaching a wider audience, but for those that love the blues, pure and unfiltered, this Dusty Road is the way to go.

– Lee Zimmerman


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