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Dennis Jones

Both Sides of the Track

Artist:     Dennis Jones

Album:     Both Sides of the Track

Label:     Blue Rock Records

Release Date:     01/15/2016


There’s something about the reliable old power-trio format that, without fail, either makes you reach for the off button or crank up the volume. Whatever one’s reaction, it’s a formula that is hard to ignore, and one that guarantees a listener’s attention—briefly at the very least. Dennis Jones here fronts a typical power-trio outfit with guitar playing of real quality and power.

While almost every guitarist in any trio  wants to be—or thinks he actually is—Hendrix incarnate, Jones, never quietly but always steadily, rocks along with licks galore pouring from his hands. On one track in this 13-track mix, in particular, “The Machine,” he genuinely sounds just like the old master himself, not an achievement many manage to pull off.

Jones was an IBC Memphis winner when playing with the Zac Harmon Band back in 2004, and the experience and quality he delivers with Both Sides Of The Track highlight his abundant ability. The music storms explosively from the speakers, leaving them smoking in the corner.

—Iain Patience

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