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Griffin House

So On And So Forth

Artist:     Griffin House

Album:     So On And So Forth

Label:     Self Released

Release Date:     03/04/2016


A solemn yet sturdy set of songs, Griffin House’s new album takes a confessional tone that aptly informs these heartfelt narratives throughout. Sung and strum with clear conviction, they find House sharing his sentiments in ways that are both compelling and convincing. The titles themselves speak to the subjects at hand — “Yesterday’s Lies,” “Games,” “Played the Fool” etc.” — but it’s the sturdy arrangements and emotive vocals that effectively underscore the passionate delivery. “Paris Calling” and “Stop and Rest” find House in a comparatively jubilant mood, but the fierce determination reflected on the oddly titled, “A Hiernymous Bosch,” and lead-off entry to “Yesterday’s Lies,” not to mention the pensive and deliberative “Wrecking Ball” — each reflect the fact that he obviously invested his feelings and sentiments in each of these incisive offerings.

Ironically, his House band (pardon the pun) was wholly new to him when he entered the studio, making the results they achieved all the more impressive. Not surprisingly then, the album’s next to last track “Silver Lining” sums up his optimism, looking forward to the future and beyond his somber reflection. Newly sober and obviously inspired, House has made an album So On And So Forth that ranks among the best of those he’s released thus far. Hopefully it will be the one that ultimately elevates his standing to wholly deserved new heights.

-Lee Zimmerman

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