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All These Years

Artist:     Solas

Album:     All These Years

Label:     Hearth Music

Release Date:     02/19/2016


Not much has changed since the Irish-American roots band, Solas, entered the game in 1996. Sure, like most bands with a two-decade career span, lineups have changed, but here they all are together again to bring their fans an all-star, one time reunion on All These Years. Twenty years on, Solas is still making the same energy driving music you can hear on their very first album.

Solas emerged from the New York dive bars where the traditional Irish music scene was prominent. Since then, they’ve taken that traditional music to new heights and world tours. With Seamus Egan and Winifred Horan fronting the band, Solas has and still does feature some of the best musicians of the genre.

Egan and Horan celebrated 20 years with their band by inviting fans to join their Kickstarter campaign to make this album. It was mixed and recorded predominantly in Philadelphia and Ireland, with fans from everywhere in between donating to show their support (which is obvious by the long list of thank yous in the liner notes). The all-star cast may not have been possible without the help of these devoted fans. Thanks to them, we have the pleasure of listening to original reels and classic tunes with a twist only Solas could provide. With covers of songs from the Youngbloods and Patty Griffin, to the final lullaby of “All These Years,” fans will be pleased enough to support the band for 20 years more.

It’s safe to say that no band has done more than this one to make sure Celtic music stays on the map. Whether you’re a new fan who is ready to branch out on the American and folk music you’ve been listening to lately, or you have stuck with Solas from the beginning, grab this album and join the reunion.

-Brenda Hillegas

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