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The Lost Poets

Insubordia Pt II

Artist:     The Lost Poets

Album:     Insubordia Pt II

Label:     Self Released

Release Date:     02/26/2016


If Chris Cornell collaborated with Nick Cave and they added a dash of Queens of the Stone Age to the mix, it’d sound like Insubordia Pt. II, the latest album from the Lost Poets, a mysterious swamp rock/blues duo from Stockholm, Sweden. Following a relocation to LA, the Poets recently opened for Tool drummer Danny Carey’s band Volto, while earning a placement in a forthcoming Dolph Lundgren film. With their guitar-heavy 90’s Alternative sounds fused with plenty of ominous piano, the band revives sounds from yesteryear with their own fresh Euro twist.

Composed of David Rosengren (Vocals/Guitars/Piano) and Petter Strömberg (Drums/Bass), the band is a two-man spectacle whose faces are always cloaked in darkness, not unlike Ghost. Despite their secrecy, what’s found on the record is powerful and delivered with gritty, raw purpose. The drums sound massive, the guitars are crunchy, and even the piano strikes a deep chord. Rosengren’s vocals are strong… perhaps not Cornell-strong, but the Soundgarden frontman would certainly be proud.

One of the album’s singles, “Mouth,” sounds as if it’s directly from the Pacific Northwest and reminiscent of something you’ve seen played at outdoor arena shows in your teens. In fact, it’s amazing this band’s only a duo and not a 5-piece. On this track and the entire album, the band churns out hard-hitting grunge tracks one after another, and the energy never gives until the last notes are played.

Insubordia Pt. II is a beast of a record, and for fans of any of the aforementioned bands, it’s highly recommended. It’ll be interesting to see how their sound is influenced by their stateside move, but whatever direction they veer, here’s to hoping it’s just as alive and amplified.

– Nick Caruso


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