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Exclusive: Bette Stuy Introduces Us To The Next Generation Of Blues With Her Explosive New EP

photo by Shervin Lainez
photo by Shervin Lainez

Bette and her band, the Brooklynites, are quickly becoming the meaning of “Neo-Blues.” The Bedford-Stuyvesant native stands out in the music scene with her latest EP, This is Neo-Blues. Bette Stuy is a 2012 New York Blues Hall of Fame inductee who combines the sounds and styles of soul, funk, gospel, jazz and rock & roll to create an original and soulful voice you won’t be able to get out of your head.

She’s the real, raw deal just like Etta James or Koko Taylor before her. She’s tough and true to herself, and her music, which is clear in This is Neo-Blues. Bette Stuy’s talent for incredible singing and songwriting has been heard around the globe too- from the Netherlands to Canada (with the all-female group Soul Patrol), to the Caribbean Islands and even Spain. A trip to Los Angeles even drew the attention of Ray Charles, who fell for Bette’s song “Stay Free” and invited her to collaborate with him before he passed away. Bette Stuy will be touring Western Europe, including the U.K., Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland this summer. In her spare time, she works with non-profit organizations like God’s Love We Deliver and Job Path to assist New York City’s disadvantaged.

Listen to this latest EP from Bette Stuy and the Brooklynites below.

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