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Exclusive: Benjamin’s Brother Crafts A Whimsical World In The Video For “Like the First Time”

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Benjamin’s Brother by Gaya’s Photos

Joseph Bach, better known by his stage name Benjamin’s Brother, hails from Tel Aviv, Israel, the home base from which he crafts a unique style of music that fuses together Brit pop, electronica, folk and even Arabic music. His latest LP, Like the First Time, is slated for a summer summer release, and finds Bach with his hand in every aspect of production, writing the music and lyrics and even helping out producer Gil Lewis with the recording process. With a cult-like fanbase already established in Israel, Benjamin’s Brother is ready to spread his music throughout the rest of the world.

Today, Elmore Magazine is premiering the video for his single, “Like the First Time.” The whimsical video, illustrated in a style that resembles paper cutouts, unfolds like a children’s book. Beginning with our bearded protagonist, floating at sea in a newspaper hat for a boat, surreal images prance before your eyes as the line between sea and sky is blurred; fish fly out of the sea and soar above city buildings, cars teeter on submerged telephone poles.

The dreamlike video mimics the heartwarming sentiment of the track, almost lullaby-like with it’s ticking percussion and gentle melody. Delicate electronic beats back Bach’s soft croon, which rises as steady clapping picks up and the sailor spots his love, flying through the stars on a paper crane. The lyrics are an affirmation of love, and the support we rely on from our partners. “You were there to make sure I’m not lost,” he sings. Later, the loved one soothes the singer, “Hush baby, now you’re ok, I was here all along the way.” 

Watch the video for “Like the First Time” below, and follow Benjamin’s Brother on his website here.

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