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Exclusive: Nate Currin Looks For Clarity on New Track, “Birmingham”

In the entrancing and lonesome track “Birmingham,” Georgia-based songwriter Nate Currin reflects on love lost and the overall importance of loss in one’s life.

Currin’s latest album, The Madman And The Poet is evocative of the internal struggle one faces in getting by, romantic endeavors and in simplifying one’s way of living. Evocative of Nebraska-era Springsteen meets a dreamier Ray LaMontagne, there’s a sense of self-worth to be found underneath a better understanding of who is entitled to said worth.MadmanPoet 4th Image (4.75 x 4.75 CD crop)

According to Currin, “The Madman and the Poet is a double-sided, concept album with the MADMAN – tracks 1-6 – being more dark, bluesy, rock-n-roll and the POET – tracks 7-12 – having a lighter, more emotional and acoustic flare.”

In “Birmingham” perhaps Currin’s “Poet” persona is better showcased, an acoustic and more discouraged voice from the album. Though perhaps emotionally suppressed, Currin certainly isn’t entirely down and out – he’s barely getting down to brass tacks.

The Madman and The Poet debuts April 15th. Currin will be touring with the album beginning with a debut show at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, Georgia on April 16, Sola Coffee in Raleigh, NC on April 22 and Cabaret and Germano’s in Baltimore on April 28. For more tour dates and information on the record, visit Currin’s site.

– Jake Tully

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