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Louis Heriveaux

Triadic Episode

Artist:     Louis Heriveaux

Album:     Triadic Episode

Label:     Hot Shoe Records

Release Date:     04/08/2016


A Queens, NY native who is now a mainstay on Atlanta’s jumping jazz scene, pianist Heriveaux’s vibrant and robust approach will bring to mind past piano greats like Bud Powell and Oscar Peterson. But make no mistake, he’s making his own stand on Triadic Episode, his debut disc as a session leader.

Joined by veteran bassist Curtis Lundy (Art Blakey, Pharoah Sanders) and the emphatic Terence Gully on drums, Heriveaux constructs a fine balance of harmonically rich originals (“Theme For Dosyln,” “One For Simus,” drummer Gully’s boppy “Swing ‘n Things”) while reinventing Kenny Dorham’s “Blue Bossa” at 6/4 and Hammerstein/Kern’s “All The Things You Are” at 7/4. For more info, head to and

– Mike Jurkovic

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