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The London Suede

Night Thoughts

Artist:     The London Suede

Album:     Night Thoughts

Label:     WM UK

Release Date:     02/05/2016


Brit-pop and the London Suede go hand in hand, much like the new album, Night Thoughts, pairs perfectly with the film of the same name. The new 12-track album from Brett Anderson and co. delivers some of their best songs yet, complete with a full string section and standout tracks, like “I Can’t Give Her What She Wants” and “No Tomorrow” proving their love of English rock.

Like most albums, as you listen you get a sense in your head of what the artist is trying to depict. You think about songs individually, and then as a whole- why were they grouped in this order? Is there a meaning? Sometimes there’s nothing deeper and you’re just supposed to listen and enjoy. However, with the accompanying DVD, fans of the London Suede will get a chance to experience a visual side for every song on Night Thoughts. You could turn the volume down on the visual and way up on the music to see how it pairs, but it’s not necessary.

The London Suede, along with director Roger Sargent, carefully takes the themes of the album, which include life, death, love and despair, and expands on them visually for the listeners. Each song tells a story and each story is in place to create a bigger picture. Whether you play it out in your head along with the album or watch the DVD, you really get what this band is trying to express.

-Brenda Hillegas

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