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Exclusive: Aledo Traces A Path To Acceptance With New Roots-Rock Track, “Water Into Stone”


With Facebook and Instagram dominating the way we communicate and keep up with friends and family, it’s easy to forget that a picture doesn’t always tell the whole story. So it goes with Pastor Chuck Dennie, who on the surface, had it all. After finding huge success with Christian rock band By The Tree in the late ‘90s, he became a family man and a Pastor with a major following.

But something wasn’t right—he wasn’t happy with himself, and unresolved issues from the past fueled his pain; he hit rock bottom and checked himself into a personal growth program. Soon, he realized that he needed to share his lowest moments with the world, showing that it was ok to be vulnerable. Then, he turned to music, and started the group Aledo, who will release their debut album, Gypsy Heart, on August 26, a roots and folk leaning testament to hurt, but ultimately to healing.

Today, Elmore is premiering “Water Into Stone,” a track from the upcoming release. Dennie says of the song’s painful origins, “[It] was inspired one morning when I woke up and realized I didn’t like what I had become, and knew that if you really knew me you wouldn’t like me either. I realized that I was performing for approval, for acceptance, for meaning in life. I did that to hide the pain I was feeling. Somewhere I became lost along the way. It’s my story of finally having enough of trying to be somebody I didn’t know. This song is a spiritual rebellion to the me that got lost in performance and a nod to the healing journey of finding myself again.” The track has a rambling, roots-rock aesthetic that highlights the song’s theme of redemption. Though modern in its lyrics, it feels like a well worn addition to the cannon, held together by the gentle cry of pedal steel and Dennie’s smooth, authoritative vocals.

Head to Aledo’s website to preorder Gypsy Heart, and give “Water Into Stone” a listen below.

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