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Exclusive: Private Victories Shows Off His Range With A New Track From His Upcoming Debut

Private Victories

Private Victories is a fitting moniker for Pittsburgh based singer/songwriter Grant Carey, because his self-titled debut album, coming out on May 20th, was born out of one the greatest of all private victories—the process of healing. For Carey, there was much to heal. His heart, for one, with the collapse of a long-time love, and his neck– literally– following a traumatic injury.

Thankfully for all of Carey’s current and soon-to-be fans, the young artist found catharsis in music, and what emerged was a complex, compelling album that mixes the understandable feelings of pain, anger and sadness with levity, humor and, above all, resilience.

Today, Elmore is premiering “Baby Love,” a track from the upcoming release. Beginning with the hummable melody and low rumble of Carey’s baritone, you could mistake this for the Magnetic Fields, but as the song progresses, it builds into something far more grand– an orchestral, syncopated tribute to the confusing, tremendous power of love. The lo-fi quality of the recording adds an unexpected intimacy to the track, highlighted by the slight tremble of Carey’s vulnerable, ethereal higher register, which recalls Arthur Russell or James Blake.

Like the sweeping range of his voice, or the inexplicable balance both of careless youth and aching nostalgia, he also stretches his lyrics between the tangible and the surreal. He returns, however, to simple yet poignant observations to ground the track; “I could not believe how deep my love for you had grown,” he keens, as a female vocalists bolster him with their harmony. Case in point? Carey’s “Baby Love” shows off a talent that, though new, is pretty nearly full grown.

Listen to “Baby Love” below, and pick up a copy of Private Victories on May 20th.


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