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Exclusive: The JAG Shares Live One-Take Video for “David Says”


The JAG presents a cool twist to your usual psychedelic/pop rock with “David Says” and every other song they release. Originally from Jackson, Mississippi, the JAG pays respect to ’80s-era glam and acid rock with a bit of a southern kick. Now living in East Nashville, they channel Bowie and David Byrne while making waves in the city’s rock scene. This trippy one-take video for “David Says” really does show off all of their influences and musical loves. Vocalist Aaron Tyler King explains:

“There was a growth period for The Jag as there will be for every band trying find direction. This song is about that period of time. We took a lot of our influences for a spin and wound up more in love with Bowie and Byrne. This song is about wearing your influences on your sleeve. More bands should try it and stop being so concerned about comparisons. It’s never been a negative experience being compared to our idols.”

-Brenda Hillegas

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