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A Resolve


Artist:     A Resolve

Album:     People/Divide

Label:     Dmc Records

Release Date:     12/11/2015


A Resolve brings a state of agreement and it certainly applies to this effort, as it has been a long time in the making. Ryan Cordova, leader of the New Mexico-based modern alternative rock band, wrote the 14 songs on the band’s first CD over a period of years. Last summer, he resolved to record and release them. Cordova ordinarily plays guitar and/or drums in this band (he plays in several) and right up until recording began, he tried to find another singer to interpret them. He needn’t have bothered, as he truly shines on the vocals.

The standout track –“The Stranger” – is deep and unsettling, and it’s hard to imagine another voice delivering the same effect.  The title track is similarly moody and his vocals are spare but effective. Throughout, there are light and dark moments, although the latter predominate, owing to Cordova’s fondness for minor keys and the hypnotic lines crafted by bassist Russell Romero. Cordova’s bandmates are old friends from Taos, where Cordova grew up playing trumpet in his family’s Hispanic music band, Calor. There is little trace of that influence here, save solid musicianship. Fans of Tool and Breaking Benjamin should check out this band.

-Kay Cordtz

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