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Andy Ferrell,

At Home and in Nashville

Artist:     Andy Ferrell

Album:     At Home and in Nashville

Label:     Independent

Release Date:     03/24/2016


The surprising thing about this debut release is that it’s just that – a debut. It’s poised, polished, well put together and bursting at the seams with quality songwriting and playing. The real question is where has this guy been until now?

The album title more than hints at the genre, with Appalachian flavors and harmonies that have expression and elegance that at times simply take you by surprise: one track, for me at least, stands out with its understanding of hard-times and hopeful positivity – “Poor Man’s Son” is a bit of genuine quality that sharply highlights Ferrell’s songwriting skills and maturity, while “Run Billy Run” provides a fresh take on the old, creaky theme of Billy The Kid meeting his youthful demise while avoiding the potential pitfalls of covering the subject – yet again – in song.

Of the dozen tracks here, half are studio recordings with the other half being live performances. As a format this works well with the changeover being barely noticeable and the musicianship and delivery remaining top quality throughout.

For me, Andy Ferrell is clearly one to watch and this album, At Home and in Nashville, is an excellent taster for a career that holds bags of honest promise.

– Iain Patience

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