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Exclusive: Daniel Pearson Shares His Energetic, Twisted Song, “4th July”

Daniel Pearson by Patrick Mateer (M&G Photographic)

Daniel Pearson told a lie on the 4th of July- but that doesn’t stop this upbeat, harmonica heavy song from becoming a summer favorite. Sure, it’s about lies and the end of a relationship, but truthfully, it’s an infectious, fun song too. Just listen to the single below, out today, and you’ll be singing along in no time.

“4th July” is a great example as to why Pearson has been such a word-of-mouth success story. His blends of garage rock, blues, folk and gospel with catchy hooks and thoughtful lyrics make him an artist to keep your ears on. Pearson has released three albums to widespread critical acclaim throughout the world, and social media is about to buzz even louder once they hear this track. Pearson says of the song, “I guess a lot of people expect melancholy, stripped back, serious songs from me about heartache or hard times, so it’s cool to put a song out there that’s energetic and vibrant and challenge those expectations a little. It’s a twisted kind of love song about the end of a relationship and the guilt that comes with it – the unexpected things that come with independence. But it’s also a chance to kick out the jams and get a great vocalist singing country duo harmonies with me too!”

Give “4th July” a spin below.

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