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Exclusive: Heroes of Toolik Debuts A Swinging Indie Track, “Perfect”

Heroes of Toolik by Photographer Kevin Jones
Heroes of Toolik by Kevin Jones

Heroes Of Toolik, just a group of old friends reuniting… a group of old friends who happened to have forged the underground rock scene of the 1980s, helping to set the stage for all indie music to follow. Guitarist Arad Evans (Glenn Branca Ensemble), bass player Ernie Brooks (who played with the legendary indie group, Modern Lovers), Billy Ficca (who still tours with seminal outfit Television), guitarist Robert Poss (Rhys Chatham, Band of Susans), trombonist John Speck and singer and violin player Jennifer Coates (Hillfillies) make up the current roster of Heroes, who formed in 2012, releasing their first album, Aquarium School, in 2014.

For their sophomore release, Like Night, the group again partnered with producer Wharton Tiers, who has an equally impressive resume, having lent his skills to such artists as Sonic Youth and the New York Dolls. The album, which comes out on August 26th and was recorded at Seaside Lounge and The Silent Barn in Brooklyn, “jangles, does acid, and funks in the first three songs,” and proves “an effortless melding of the individual players’ exceptional chops.” Evans says of the record, “It represents a year of intense work and reflection. It was like writing a novel, and we hope listeners will find that level of detail and layers in the music.”

Today, Elmore is premiering “Perfect,” a track from the supergroup’s upcoming release. Understated guitar and drums open the song at a gentle pace, but a trombone soon leaps in unexpectedly, sending it into a swinging rhythm. The melding of male and female vocals on the catchy, upbeat melody leans towards twee, while the complex layering of instrumentation adds a spaced out groove.

Give “Perfect” a spin below.

– Emilee Gorshe

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