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Exclusive: Josh Ward Taylor Debuts A Nostalgic New Track, “Hummingbirds”

taylorFrom a young age, Josh Ward Taylor felt musically out of his time, and was much happier tuned in to the music of his parents’ generation than that of his own. From Dylan to Springsteen, Taylor’s home-grown musical education soon inspired him to pick up the guitar, and eventually, in 2006, move to New York City and devote his life to his craft. Since then, he’s made his way around the city’s cafe scene and been dubbed a “a songwriter’s songwriter” by Ishrat Ansari, owner of the legendary New York City Greenwich Village music hot spot Caffe Vivaldi. He’s independently produced five albums, including his latest, Carolina Trees, which scored him a deal with Big House Publishing.

Today, Elmore is premiering the title track from Taylor’s upcoming album, Hummingbirds. The singer/songwriter told Elmore, “the song is about the brevity of many things in life including youth, love, relationships and good times in general and how they seem to come and go in the blink of an eye.” Though Taylor dives into some heavy territory with his alt-country track, the final result doesn’t dwell in melancholy. Swaying guitars deliver a classic, comfortable sound that keeps pace with Taylor’s soothing, emotive rasp. The breezy, singalong chorus conjures the repeating image of two hummingbirds flitting by to illustrate a relatable, inevitable sense of nostalgia that often follows great love. In the end, he emerges older but wiser, beaten but not broken, singing, “I learned just how to live for the here and now.”

Give “Hummingbirds” a spin below.

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