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Exclusive: Laura Comfort Delivers A Country Rock Spin On A Hendrix Classic

laura comfortLaura Comfort may have grown up in a musical household, and cut her teeth singing with Berklee students while studying at Harvard, but it took a major move- all the way across the pond- to shoot her up the charts. Once she established herself in the London music scene, it wasn’t long before she started receiving heavy airplay across the UK and Europe. A decade and several releases later, the singer is still as busy as ever, and recently scored an opportunity any musician would die for—opening for Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler at the iconic East Coast Laconia Fest.

Today, Elmore is premiering the video for Comfort’s latest single, a cover of Jimi Hendrix’ classic, “Little Wing.” The singer recruited some pretty heavy talent for the track, including producer Gig Piscetti, who’s worked with Lou Reed and the Killers, and guitar player Matt Becker, who’s toured Elton John, Cher and many other musical legends.

Of the song, which debuted on Hendrix’s 1967 seminal record, Axis: Bold As Love, Comfort says, “It’s a rhythm and blues inspired melodic song.  It’s meaning is open to interpretation, but I believe it’s about an idealized, mystical ‘Angel’.” She adds, “When I chose to do the video, I didn’t want to distract from legendary guitar playing or the beauty of the melody or over-interpret the lyrics. I simply wanted to sing it in a natural way and interpret it though movement that felt organic to the song… so essentially it was completely unplanned and unscripted.” For the simple video, the camera follows the confident Comfort as she twirls and beckons and owns a mirrored hall. Hazy, dark coloration adds to the mystery of the track, which is rooted in Laura’s low, almost guttural vocals, which add a unique, straightforward spin on Hendrix’s fuzzy, psych heavy original.

For her outfit, Comfort told Elmore that she took “boho style inspiration from Stevie Nicks, the original fairy godmother of pop culture, to help accentuate the mood and feel of the song.” Much as she injects a country-rock sensibility to the track, she also mixes styles, offsetting the breezy, bohemian accessories with a glimpse of corseted, sexy rock ‘n roll edge.

Watch Laura Comfort’s take on “Little Wing” below.

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