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Exclusive: The Danberrys Share “All the Way Up” Live at Paradox Productions

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If you have listened to the Danberrys’ recent release, Give and Receive, then you already know that Dorothy Daniel has quite the voice. But for anyone who may not have heard this East Nashville duo yet, the video for “All the Way Up” below will further prove that Daniel is one of the best vocalists in that town. She could sing just about anything with ease, but the bluegrass, classic country, blues, and Southern soul that make up the Danberrys is clearly what she was meant to do.

Daniel and musical partner/husband Ben DeBerry have known one another since they were teenagers. This comes through in their music. By watching this no-frills, studio version of “All the Way Up”, you can clearly see what makes the duo so special. Their vocals and instrumentals are familiar and comfortable in all the right ways; they shine via their beautiful souls and honest, lovely lyrics. Daniel says of the song:

“‘All the Way Up’ is a song about the magical qualities of life…the beautiful, playful, loving, unconditionally inclusive potential that resides in every living heart. It’s a moment in time captured by the eyes of an innocent child.” – Dorothy Daniel

-Brenda Hillegas


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