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Exclusive: The Wilder Society Premieres A Tender Love Track, “Turning Tides”


The Wilder Society, a Los Angeles quartet formed by Chris Molitor (lead singer/acoustic guitarist), Rene Cruz III (banjo/electric guitarist), David Powell (bass guitarist) and Sean Cunningham (drummer), is a new-to-the-scene folk rock band, poised to give the world an entrance it will never forget with their debut EP Lion’s Den, out this July. With each of the members stemming from differing work backgrounds- graphic design, theater, collegiate sports, film production and IT work– and each bringing different musical skills to the table — electronic rock, jazz, surfer punk, rockabilly— the band comes together with a spontaneous and diverse history to craft an exciting, unique future. “It feels like one of those ‘right place, right time’ stories,” Molitor says. “We all pursued different projects that fell short for one reason or another, and somehow, coming from different places, we found each other and it just clicked.” Lion’s Den — produced by Bill Lefler (Ingrid Michaelson, Joshua Radin) mixed by Ryan Lipman and mastered by Evren Goknar — is an album synthesized with powerful and enchanting vocals, traditional folk musical arrangements and instrumentation and modern electronic resonance. According to the guys, the songs represent “a journey through time and triumph, hope and fear, love and loss.”

Today, Elmore is premiering “Turning Tides,” a simple love song, told through lush folk instrumentation, about lovers returning to each other again and again, even after dispersing into the unknown. Molitor’s haunting, deep tremolo roots the track atop gentle, swaying instrumentation, harmonies bolstering the moments that ring of the passion the song highlights. “This song, above all else, is honest,” the band told Elmore. “Touching on both the promises of pursuit and the struggles of relationship, “Turning Tides,” is a sincere look at love and commitment. “You and I, like turning tides, always come back to the shore.” Those lyrics really define the whole song – no matter what happens, no matter how far apart we may drift, we can always find our way back to each other.”

Listen to “Turning Tides” below.

– Emilee Gorshe

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