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Eden Bareket Trio


Artist:     Eden Bareket Trio

Album:     Choice

Label:     Fresh Sound Talent

Release Date:     06/17/2016


Choice, is a no-fuss, no muss Eden Bareket led sax trio that sets up a lean, smoky vibe from the first note and not only sustains it, but builds upon it, throughout it’s nine feisty, winding grooves.

One of New York’s leading young guns on horn, Bareket may have written eight (number nine being a somber reading of Peter Gabriel’s soul-stirring “Don’t Give Up”) but it’s bassist Or Bareket who steers the ship. His bluesy, after-hours renderings and nimble theory of melody and bedrock create and shift the shape that E. Bareket’s lyrical riffs, dark groans and breathy pleas and time defiant drummer Felix Lecaros free roam upon.

If you want a taste of what those dusky downtown, under the street, maximum seating capacity fifteen people joints are like, take a good listen to everything here, especially “Unfinished Business,” “Arguing with Myself,” the vital lope of “Camel” and the frenzied bop of “Dipthong.” Each song seems to have its own little ring to it, making the album as a whole very unique and tasteful.

– Mike Jurkovic

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