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Jocelyn Michelle

Time to Play

Artist:     Jocelyn Michelle

Album:     Time to Play

Label:     Chicken Coup Records

Release Date:     05/06/2016


You don’t get a lady behind the B3 Hammond very often (exceptions include Barbara Dennerlein, Rhonda Scott and of late, New York’s Adrienne Fenemor), so I thought I’d fill you in on Jocelyn Michelle, whose cool and smooth ‘n sleek style has for years kept clubs in LA, Hawaii and Miami hopping.

One might think your debut would find the lead artist taking most of the solos, but Jocelyn’s strength abides in how she team plays while driving and powering a full blown cast featuring Doug Webb and Steve Mann on sax and guitarist Bruce Forman, among others. Each player’s versatile confidence is welcome to Jocelyn’s party and the results are far more than competent: The Santana-like “Sylvia’s Song,” the cocktail bounce of “The Pink Panther Theme,” and the silky foreboding of Marvin Gaye’s “Trouble Man.”

– Mike Jurkovic

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