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Twin River

Passing Shade

Artist:     Twin River

Album:     Passing Shade

Label:     Light Organ Records

Release Date:     06/17/2016


Passing Shade is the sophomore release of Canadian garage rock band, Twin River. Based in Vancouver, the quintet released their debut LP, Should The Light Go Out in 2015.

Tracks like “Knife” have a mellow, but somewhat moody sound with softly sung lyrics that don’t sound haunting until you pause for a moment to analyze them. “There’s a shadow on my face and it’s shaped like a knife,” singer Courtney Ewan croons. “You’ve got me talking to myself when I sleep at night.”

In Passing Shade, Twin River has created a well-balanced album, however, its melancholy lows never linger for too long before the tempo picks up to include lighter, faster beats. There’s a satisfying mixture of pacing and tone that keeps the listener attentive throughout the full album.

Especially in “Known To Run,” a dreamy ballad about restless feet, Ewan’s vocals have a tranquil quality that’s reminiscent of fellow Canadian singer, Neko Case. Full of catchy tracks with heavy percussion and electronic influences that permeate songs like “I Don’t Want To Be Alone,” Passing Shade is an easy album to listen through from first track to the last.

The June 17 release date is also timed well. With its thoughtful, nostalgic melodies, Passing Shade would make ideal fare for a long summer road trip.

– Leah Dearborn

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