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Young Mister

Young Mister

Artist:     Young Mister

Album:     Young Mister

Label:     Refresh

Release Date:     06/24/2016


A more buoyant or effusive album would be hard to imagine, but given the obvious ambitions shared by Young Mister — or more precisely, the man behind the nom de plume, Steven Fiore — and the overt enthusiasm that fed his efforts, the results could hardly have emerged any differently. Fiore claims ELO as an influence, and while none of the songs could be mistaken for the music that Jeff Lynne generally proffers, the overall sparkle, sheen and effervescent effect does suggest a certain sound similarity. The overwhelming, bigger than life  dynamic evidenced on songs such as “The Best Part,” “Anybody Out There” and “Pasadena” are alone worth the price of admission, given their shout-out choruses, the joyful tumult reflected in the arrangements and the actual optimism that Fiore projects from the get-go. Even when he opts for a more subdued sound, as on the yearning ballad “Everything Has Its Place,” the care and caress he instills in its execution finds the listener clinging to each breathless verse. The brass flourishes, the spiralling rhythms and Fiore’s expressive vocals add further sheen to the musical mix, and while the album is only eight songs in duration, the entire effort sounds so majestic, it comes across in epic proportions. A remarkable debut, Young Mister has already deserves serious consideration.

– Lee Zimmerman


Watch Young Mister’s video for “Pasadena” on the site HERE

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