La Luz

The Subterranean / Chicago, IL

La Luz by Kat Liu
La Luz by Kat Liu

La Luz’s concert at the Subterranean was full of surprises. Audience members witnessed the positive attitude the surf rock band from Seattle maintained despite an accidental fire drill going off just as the band was about to play their first song. As the alarm forced the band and audience to evacuate the building, there was a sense of confusion and anticipation. Despite this incident, the band played an electrifying show to a packed audience that sang along and danced to the rhythm of La Luz’s magic.

Now in the final phase of their U.S. tour before heading to Europe, La Luz consists of Shana Cleveland (guitar), Marian Li Pino (drums), Alice Sandahl (keyboard) and Lena Simon (bass). Though the all female four piece is growing in popularity outside of their home in Seattle, the city has clearly influenced the band’s creative practice, exemplified by their album, Weirdo Shrine, which was inspired by Pacific Northwest author Charles Burns novel, Black Hole.

The band played more than 15 songs taken from their previous albums Damp Face (2012), It’s Alive (2013) and Weirdo Shrine (2015) including “You Dissappear,” “With Davey” and “Brainwash.” Those in attendance sang along as the band members played, danced and reacted to the energy in the room. This same energy inspired Alice Sandahl to jump into the sea of spectators and begin crowd surfing. The band’s friendship, musicianship and shared feminist ideals shined through every song that evening, louder than any fire drill truly could.

-Tracy Montes

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