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Exclusive: Beau James Returns To Gentler Roots With His New Single, “Broken Hearted Past”


Singer/songwriter Beau James’ move from Los Angeles to Nashville was sort of like a journey between two musical selves. In Los Angeles, he was the founder and frontman for the Heavy Heavy Hearts, a blistering country-rock band who generated a major buzz in the scene and landed themselves on the soundtrack for a major motion picture, Bad Country. Their sound was a raucous, gritty explosion of noise, the kind that drew bikers to their shows; “The rock n roll equivalent of fighting a bear,” they boast on Facebook. Awaiting him in Nashville was something far different—Music City offered James a place of calm, a space for introspection and growth. In 2015, he released his first solo record, Indigo Road, which took him into the roots of American music, down the alleyways of folk and country.

Between today and its official, September 2nd release, James will be rolling out singles from his sophomore release, the EP Landmarks, out on San Diego-based Randm Records. Today, Elmore is premiering the album’s first single, “Broken Hearted Past.” James has a gift for translating emotional honesty into musical poetry, and the track shines as a gentle, bittersweet rumination on the baggage that we carry with us from heartbreak in our past. His bashful utterings ring true to anyone who’s been in a rocky relationship; “is my heart the one you’re trying to take, or is my heart the one you’re going to break? Please be honest and tell me the truth, so I’ll know if I need to start getting over you.” He has a romantic yet world-weary  twang to his vocals, which keep pace with a simple, steady drum beat and the melodic play of keys.

Stream “Broken Hearted Past” below, and head to Soundcloud here for a free download of the track.

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