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Exclusive: Genre-Bending Group The Lawsuits Charm With Acoustic Track “Moon Son” With Video

Photo courtesy of Echo Ave

In the last several years, The Lawsuits have gone from being a few music-loving friends mixing home demos and playing small gigs to being a talked-about indie band garnering positive attention from big name music publications like Rolling Stone and Spin. A few months ago, the Philadelphia-based group launched their self-produced full-length record, Moon Son.

Moon Son has received good reviews and it’s no wonder why. The band’s refusal to squeeze into the small box each music genre demands has allowed them to be flexible, experimenting with multiple genres like blues, reggae, and Americana, emitting a smorgasbord of versatile, inspiring sounds. On the album’s title track, which happens to be the only acoustic song featured, lead vocalist Vanessa pairs off against songwriter/guitarist Brian for three minutes of airy melody and sweet pops of summery rhythms.

With Vanessa projected on TV behind Brian in the living room, an impressive collaboration ensues. “Moon Son” starts off with a quick guitar jaunt followed by smooth, pretty vocals telling a story about a “full moon on the run”. Throughout the track, more folk-y melody and gentle guitar dance with each other, creating an uncomplicated acoustic track. The Lawsuits make it look so easy, Vanessa’s voice a wisp of comfort and Brian’s playing as impassioned as the rest of the album suggests.

(Make it to the end of the video and you’ll hear a banter about baked goods between Brian’s wife and Vanessa, just further proof that the band are ordinary people with extraordinary abilities).

Watch the video for “Moon Son” below and catch up with the band on Facebook. Head to their website to catch them on tour:

~Savannah Davanzo

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