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Exclusive: Kyle Britton Creates a Carnival of Sounds on his Passionate new Track, “Fire Walker”


Kyle Britton isn’t one to follow the rules. Who knows, maybe that’s the rebellious reaction that comes from being raised in a military household, maybe it’s just the restless spirit he was born with. Regardless, Britton was born to perform, and even his father knew there would be no stopping him from pursuing his childhood dream of rock-stardom. So he chose instead to impart some advice. “If music is not evoking an emotional response, it’s not doing its job,” Britton remembers his father drilling into him. So when he set out to make his debut EP, Riddle, the young singer/songwriter made sure to do just that, imbuing each track with a heavy dose of hit-you-in the gut passion.

Today, we’re premiering “Fire Walker,” a track from Riddle. ““Fire Walker” is a song which is more or less about giving up on a relationship,” Britton tells Elmore. “No amount of fighting will work things out between two people who were never right for each other.” Britton has a powerful, mesmerizing croon, which burns with love and fury, allowing him to inject the energy of rock into an instrumental, old-world folk-sensibility. With added dramatic flourishes, like the wail of the violin and clacking of castanets, the track conveys a swirling, carnivalesque intensity, which mimics the madness that can come with the collapse of a relationship.

Head to Britton’s website for more info and to buy a copy of Riddle, and listen to “Fire Walker” below.


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