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Michael Logen

New Medicine

Artist:     Michael Logen

Album:     New Medicine

Label:     Nettwerk

Release Date:     06/24/2016


Michael Logen seems like a mellow enough guy, what with a sophomore set that sounds tailor made for adult rock radio. While he occasionally ups the ante, those moments of upbeat enthusiasm are relatively few and far between. Mostly, he opts for piano style ballads like “St. Christopher” and “Ready Or Not,” the two tracks that kick off the album and contribute to its burnished designs. And despite the occasional shimmer — the pop sparkle of “Mystery” is one of several songs that have hit written all over it — it’s Logen’s soft spoken style that keeps the tone innocent and innocuous. The best moment of the entire outing is “Look Out Your Window,” a song that maintains that even-tempered attitude while also adding a slow strum to accentuate its yearning. Consequently, it’s little surprise that Logen’s been so successful at placing his music on so many network television offerings; indeed, these are the kind of tunes that accentuate the emotion and lend themselves to thoughtful deliberation. Guests Liz Longley, Kim Richey and Ruby Amanfu provide singular support, but ultimately it’s Logen’s introspective intent that makes the most obvious impression. Sober and solitary, New Medicine is an ideal prescription for easy listening indulgence.

– Lee Zimmerman

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