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The Wilder Society

Lion's Den

Artist:     The Wilder Society

Album:     Lion's Den

Label:     Self-Released

Release Date:     07/29/2016


Talented in genres like electronic rock, jazz, surfer punk, and rockabilly, the talents of each of the Wilder Society members shows through out Lion’s Den. A beautiful piece of art, the album trances you into a whole different world, a place where you have never been. I couldn’t help replaying the CD over and over again.

The five-song  album starts with “Lion’s Den,” a strong folk rock song that makes you bop your body from side to side, belting out the lyrics. “10,000 Leagues” starts out slow and moody, but picks up speed near the end. “Turning Tides” addresses drifting away from your lover and somehow finding a way back to each other. Its haunting vocals and harmonizing melody come together perfectly, creating an atmosphere of passion and desire, while the slower track, “Portland,”  relaxes the listeners like ocean waves on a moonlight summer night. The album ends with the catchy, upbeat and lyrically clever track “Fill My Glass.” Each song adds its own unique touches to the album, creating something unforgettable.

Lion’s Den is a force to be reckoned with. If you’re looking to have your soul freed or a soundtrack to your warm summer night drives, pick up this album as soon as possible. You will not be disappointed.

– Emilee Gorshe

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