Win A Box Set of Australian Post-Punk Pioneers the Scientists’ Complete Studio Recordings A Place Called Bad

The Numero Group honors Australian punk rockers the Scientists with a box set that includes four CDs, 64 page book and a previously unissued live set.



Since the moment punk came onto the music scene it changed everything. All the way down under, the Scientists’ couldn’t help but be inspired by groups such as the Stooges, the Velvet Underground and the New York Dolls. In their decade long history, Australian post-punk group the Scientists created a unique body of work that has an intensity that has get to be matched. When they came together as a group in 1978 they helped spark a local punk scene in the city of Perth. They eventually moved to larger cities such as Sydney and London, and went through multiple lineup changes. They continued to evolve in unexpected directions, and although they spent much of their career in relative obscurity they left a lasting impact on rock, punk and grunge acts alike.

Four decades after the Scientists’ released their indie debut album Frantic Romantic, their catalog gets the archival treatment it has always deserved. The Numero Group has taken it upon themselves to help the band remain forever in music history. A Place Called Bad is an extensive four-CD, 80 song package that includes all of the band’s studio recordings – Blood Red River, You Get What You Deserve, Atom Bomb Baby, and Weird Love. The box set also includes a previously unreleased vintage live set and a 64 page book with band photos and liner notes.

Whether you’re a fan of the band, a fan of punk, or simply a fan of music this is for you!

Enter below to win a box set of the Scientists’ complete studio recordings and other unreleased essentials!

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