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Jomo & the Possum Posse

Local Motive

Artist:     Jomo & the Possum Posse

Album:     Local Motive

Label:     Jomo Edwards

Release Date:     01/01/2016


When a band thanks something called the Guns and Oil Brewing Company in Austin in their liner notes, and gives a shout out to Saved by the Bell’s AC Slater in one of their songs- you know you are in for a good time.

Jomo & the Possum Posse is an Austin-based band that recorded their newest album, Local Motive, just about two miles from said brewery at 5th Street Studios. It’s self-produced and each song was written by Jomo Edwards himself, with some help from Kimberly Dunn’s bandmates, Cody Braun and Sam Seifert.

The album features 11 original tracks that were mainly recorded live- minimal overdubs and no guest musicians. The lyrics are sweet, and also humorous. Jomo tells a story in every song. You really couldn’t ask for a better blend of country twang, fiddle, electric guitar, and band camaraderie. “We think it captures the energy from our live performances as we’ve fine-tuned these songs over the past couple of years,” the band says.

It’s true- this has a very raw, live feel to it. The sounds on this album are likely quite similar to what you would hear if you walked by one of their shows…and then entered the bar, pushed through the crowd and discovered where the sound was coming from. On Local Motive, you feel like you should clap and holler at the end of each song.

“Girl From Arcadia,” “Stick in the Sticks,” “The Real Housewives of the West of Us”…there really isn’t any standout tracks to highlight because they are all so fun and fantastic!

– Brenda Hillegas

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