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Settle Down

Artist:     Oddity

Album:     Settle Down

Label:     Independent Artist

Release Date:     06/24/2016


Oddity formed in January 2012 and is made up of brothers Oscar and Harvey Baker and drummer Tom Fry. Originally going by the name Fletcher, the band decided to change their name when they changed their sound as a way of reinvent themselves. Together, they have independently released Open Arms (2013), Thundersteps (2014) and Settle Down (2016). Their latest album’s development process was quite unique, Harvey Baker describing it as, “It’s like having three people in the same body – that’s how connected we are in everything we do.”

Settle Down – a post-apocalyptic sounding masterpiece – is definitely a riot. If there was revolution going on, this album would be the perfect soundtrack for it. The raspy vocals combined with heavy riffs and drum beats that get your heart pumping create a feeling of rebellion in a very articulate way with lyrics you can easily relate to. Some of the tracks remind you of 70’s rock, made famously by bands like Led Zeppelin, giving classic rock lovers major nostalgia. The opening title track “Settle Down” is a force to be reckoned with. The upbeat and heavy sound puts you in a rebellious mood and there is no way you could settle down after listening to this track, as the lyrics go, “Wind me up/ push me around/ just don’t tell me to settle down.” The next track, “Night Owl” – my absolute favorite – starts out with head-banging riffs and quickly fades into a more soothing rock melody, but it never fails to pick up and give you goosebumps when the vocalist raises his pitch to emphasize certain phrases. The whole album, start to finish, gives this rush of adrenaline that builds and builds and slams you down into an intense rollercoaster ride.

With songs that blend so well together and out-of-this-world lyrics and riffs, this album is worth a listen or two. Next time you’re in the mood to go cruising down high speed roads, grab this album and insert it into your car’s CD player. You won’t regret it! The post-apocalyptic jams will lift your spirits while helping you release your inner aggression. Grab your copy today and be freed by Oddity!

– Emilee Gorshe

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