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The Danberrys

Give & Receive

Artist:     The Danberrys

Album:     Give & Receive

Label:     Independent

Release Date:     06/17/2016


There is something to be said for the tighter bonds that marriage often brings. Likewise, there’s something to be said for the talent that seems inherent within the bounds of Tennessee. The Danberrys bring both. Nashville residents and husband and wife Ben DeBerry and Dorothy Daniel have known each other since they were teenagers, and their musical symmetry reflects the results of a long-term relationship. Drawing from a broad palette that incorporates bluegrass, balladry, contemporary country and the broad sweep of engaging Americana, their third album Give & Receive is rich in tone and texture, not to mention soothing, supple and effortlessly accessible. The songs themselves attest to that conclusion, as bookended by the soft, subdued harmonies of album opener “Receive” and the slow, solemn closer “We’ll Be Done,” and further enhanced by the haunting “Lady Belle,” the sultry “Don’t Drink the Water” and the riveting hoedown “Long Song,” all of which fall in-between. Granted, the Danberrys rarely opt for flash or frenzy, but their honest intentions deliver far more satisfaction than any pomp or pretense possibly could. They give. We receive. It’s an ideal combination.

– Lee Zimmerman

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