Bowery Electric / New York, NY


The French word revanchism is defined as an act of revenge in the face of adversity. The subversive tone of the word mimics the harsh experience of Faulkner’s singer/songwriter Lucas Asher and his struggle living in the streets of New York. Faulkner’s members are Lucas Asher (vocals/songwriter/guitar), Eric Scullin (producer, multi-instrumentalist, vocals), Christian Hogan (drums) and Dimitri Farougias (bass). Despite being based in Venice, CA, they consider themselves a bi-coastal band from California and New York. Faulkner recently released a debut EP, titled Revanchist, in which they collaborated with influential music figures like Wu Tang Clan’s RZA, who co-wrote and produced Faulkner’s single “NY Anthem.”

Faulkner played at Bowery Electric in New York City on July 12th, where they performed a set of songs from their EP. They delivered a fierce rendition of “These Kids Nowadays,” “Waters Are A Rising,” “Keep Your Enemies Closer” and “Revolution.”

They gave an excellent performance showcasing Asher’s smoky, powerful vocals and Scullin’s musical dexterity, executing well-crafted melodies and vocal harmonies. Frougias’s grungy bass lines and Hogan’s skillful percussion made for a strong rhythm section. “These Kids Nowadays” and “Revolution” can be considered two of the most powerful songs from their set. The lyrics revolve around anarchist and revolutionary themes that arise when one journeys toward materializing their dreams.

When asked about the development process behind Revanchist, Lucas asserted that the writing process is deeply personal and that music has been the constant thread among the band members as a source of motivation to keep going. “What helped me was getting inspiration from musicians that I admire and learning about their tribulations. I am an ambitious person and looking forward to where I can be helped me focus on the future instead of whatever struggle I was facing back then.” Faulkner’s dedication and love for their craft has the power to inspire listeners to believe and support alternative rock bands taking risks, being visionaries and creating powerful music. Faulkner’s performance reflects how their growing success has been the result of their ability to focus on their music with relentless persistence.

– Tracy Montes

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