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Child Prodigy Joey Alexander Kicks off a Three Night Stint at Lincoln Center

Joey Alexander by Carol Friedman

When you were 13, you were probably worried about school, your crush, your annoying parents… Joey Alexander may have all of those typical pre-teen concerns, but that’s where “normal,” stops– the child prodigy has played to a thousand people at one of the most esteemed performance spaces in the world. The twice Grammy-nominated jazz pianist is releasing his sophomore album, Countdown, and he’s taking his new material on a short tour this Autumn (gotta get back to middle school, we assume). Hopping from California to New York then back to the West Coast, Joey will be stopping at Lincoln Center for a few shows on September 22nd, 23rd, and 24th. Check out the rest of his tour dates and grab your tickets on Joey Alexander’s website to hear passion and talent that proves you’re never too young to do wonderful things.

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